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2015 Jeep Cherokee | Trailhawk Trim | Taber, AB

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I’m Randall with Legacy Dodge here in Taber. This is our 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk featuring the 3.2 litre Pentastar Engine, won awards for 10 best 3 years in a row. Featuring this beautiful blue anvil colour, with the blacktop appearance package giving it the black accents and black rims on these beautiful 17 inch tires. Come on inside with me!

We can see the beautiful soft touch black leather seating, with the double red stitching to really highlight the lines in the vehicle. If you bring your attention over to the steering wheel, you can see that we’ve got the adaptive cruise control settings. This vehicle will maintain a safe distance on the highway without you needing to intercede. It also has lane keep assist to make your driving that much safer and let you focus on what counts.

The UConnect is our easy to use, best in class 8.4 inch display. You also get a variety of options on the center console for controls. With your media centre entirely setout down here. Including an SD card reader, a USB port, and an auxiliary port. Your 4 wheel drive controls are all here. Including hill descent assist and different traction settings for all your different road conditions. The split level storage in the center console makes it easy for you to keep everything you need organized and out of the way.

We also have the beautiful two pan panoramic sunroof that makes it a breeze to catch in all the beautiful sights when you take your long trips to the mountains.

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Following me to the back of the vehicle. We got the power liftgate that makes getting into and out of your cargo area beautifully easy. With your full size spare tire stowed neatly in the back. With the seats folded down you have all kinds of room for everything you need to carry in your daily life and they easily pop back up. Giving your second row plenty of room and comfort because even a grown man can fit inside without any difficulty or restriction.

This is a beautiful vehicle. And I encourage you to come down, and take a look today!



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