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2016 Dodge Dart SE Vehicle Review | Taber, AB

Hey guys, Eric Walker here from Legacy Dodge Taber. I am really excited in showing you this brand new 2016 Dodge Dart SE. So let me tell you about the Dart. Well, first of all, if you look, you got a sleek front end. It’s got a little bit of a sporty look to it.

If you come over here and look under the hood, you’ll see that we have a good 2.0-Liter Tigershark Engine. It is a very remarkable fuel-efficient vehicle. You’re getting about six and a half liters per 100 kilometers on the highway in this thing. It has also outperformed every engine in its class. As you can see here, we’ve marked out everything that you can work on in yellow. You got an insulated battery here. Also, getting on the side here, you’ll notice that it also got a sleek sporty appearance all the way across to the back of the vehicle.

And if you take a look in the back there’s plenty of cargo space for your passengers as well as full folding flattened seat and it lays down quite nicely so you can get just anything you need in there for the initial storage options.  And I’m gonna release the hood for you so you can see how much space is actually in the engine as in the trunk space combined. So it may not look tiny on the outside but you still got tons of space on the inside, lots of space to put anything you need whether it be your gym bag, golf clubs, groceries, whatever it is, this car provides.  So if you hop around on here and take a peek at some of the features, So if you, like me, think that the paddle shifters are cheating when it comes to a manual transmission, you’re absolutely correct.

You have a standard transmission here. Now to pop in reverse, there’s actually a lever right underneath here. I don’t know if you can see it, right by my finger, but you have to lift that and pull it over and go into reverse, so that you don’t accidentally go into that first gear when you’re at that red light. Anyone who’s just started learning to drive a standard has probably done it at least once.  So you have your 12-volt DC right down there. You got the manual fan settings all right here, as well as you got your radio options right here, so you can see you got the AM, FM radio settings. You also have your CD player–no disc. And then you also have storage outlets for your media files, as well as the auxiliary right there.

Super easy to clean and maintain if you ever have one of those incidents where you happen to drop anything, these tabs right here on the inside of the console, I can’t grab it because I don’t have any fingernails, just pop out; super easy to clean it up. And you also have the adjusting cup holders right here. These little bubbles right here will keep anything that you have firmly in place so it’s not gonna go sliding and sloshing about. I don’t know about you, but driving down the road, if you hit that bump, coffee goes everywhere and it’s not fun.

So I hope you guys want to come down and take a look at this vehicle. It’s super fun to drive and if you want, give me a call at (403) 223-3434; it’s the store number. If you can’t reach me for any reason, one of my other associates will be more than happy to help you out. Have yourselves a great day guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber




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