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2016 Dodge Durango | Citadel Trim | Taber, AB

Hey, everybody, this is Kirk here at Legacy Dodge Taber. I’m just gonna do a quick walk around of our 2016 Dodge Durango Citadel Edition. First is, I wanna show you under the hood real quick and how easy it is to pop. You got the gas strut so that you, it gets everything out of the way. We got the 5.7 liter V8, obviously a HEMI. Gotta love the HEMI. Everything is labeled in yellow that you wanna feel the access easily, no problems there. And down we go, easy peasy.

Come around here. You can see it is the Citadel edition, beautiful rims, gorgeous styling. Open up the door, power seat, power lumbar, memory. We’ll talk more about the interior once we get inside but you can see nicely laid out. The seats are heated, very comfortable. Come to next row here, turning, turning, we’ve got, these two are heated as well. We’ve got the vents for air-conditioning and heat. All sorts of controls. You’ve got a plug-in down there for other toys and options you might wanna look at. And then, of course, to get into the back, we’ve got our tumble and fold see how easy that was. Probably, I did it too fast, that’s how easy that was. Down you go, and you’re back up. Down around this side Park sensors, so you don’t bang into things including things that are just whipping through there. It will sense those as well. Power liftgate which you can also, you on the fob, hit that couple times, up shall go. Extra storage in here including your jack and tools and under here, there’s your access point for the spare. A little bit extra storage here, net, security tonneau cover, simple, easy. There’s a secondary port that you can hook that up to back in there so if you fold these seats all the way flat, we can hook this up back there, and it will cover all the way over. You see how easy it was to put that seat down and pop back up. If I wanna go back down, nice full-flat, both of them do that. And hit the button and get out of the way cos it beep-beep, beep-beeps.

We’re gonna go inside talk about few of the features here. Again, this side is Power as well. With the fob in my pocket, put my foot on the brake, hit the button, off she starts. You see we’ve got heat controls for the steering wheel both sides and it’s also ventilated. These seats, in the summer, are ventilated, not air-conditioned but ventilated. Let’s look at this area here first. You’ve got Sport option, you’ve got the Eco option. Obviously, that’s little more aggressive, driving with the Sport and your Eco is gonna improve your fuel economy, traction control. There’s your Park; you can turn it off, so it’s not beeping at you in case you’re hooking up a trailer things like that. Big screen, easy to use. UConnect, nothing’s ever simpler to hook up your phones, never seen anything so simple, very quick, easy, work with pretty much every phone, there are no problems there. You’ve got climate controls, again, your seats, things of that nature. You also have a Tri-Zone here, so you got E-Controls for this side, for that side and for the rear. And you can, if the kids have been messing around with the rear heat and it’s way too hot back there or way too cold back there, you can lock them out so they can’t mess around with that. Different media options. You can hook up your phone or anything else through the USB. You got your regular auxiliary jack, and your SD cards as well so you can pick and choose what you need to do there. This one actually has a CD player! So, I know that’s just for old fogies like me, but it is there when you need it. Plus of course, your DC, different battery controls there.

We can have all manner of things on the digital display. We can move through checking different options, depending on what you want but you can see a nice upfront display. Easy to see, depending on what you want there. You’ve got your voice recognition. Answer call, hang up the call. And then this is really interesting, which is your adaptive cruise control. You can set it depending on how far away you want to be at whatever speed so that it stops and slows down, so that you’re not running into people or if it can slow down with traffic, you can speed up with traffic, those kinds of concepts. Power windows, Power door locks. Of course, up here, you’ve got through your Power garage door. You can have up to 3 different ones. You’ve got lots of those sorts of things. And of course you’ve got the Sunroof, and you can open the Power liftgate here as well. It’s a beautiful unit, priced to go.

That’s all I have to say about the Dodge Durango Citadel. Come on down and see us at Legacy Dodge Taber.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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