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2017 Dodge Journey | Bluetooth | Leather | Backup Camera

Hey everybody, it’s Kirk down here at Legacy Dodge. Just want to show you one of our new arrivals that came off the truck not long ago.

We have here, a 2017 Dodge Journey, it’s one of the cross Sports edition. It’s a little bit different color than what we normally see. This is an Olive Green. So if you need an adventure vehicle, you don’t want the usual colors that you see. This one stands out. It’s got some sharp accents on it. Still comes with all the great things that the Dodge Journeys come with.

You got the 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar, again, a legendary engine. They just go, and go, and go. Come around here, I’ll show you some of the space in the back. A little bit of storage here for you. Lots of room there. These seats of course has the slick third row. They fold flat easy.

Second row here, you need to get in the back, look how quick that was. Right out of the way. Lots of room back there for you. Leather seats in this one.

We have the keyless Key ‘n Go. You can lock it, as long it’s in my pocket. You can open it by just putting the hand there. It also has remote start, which we will demonstrate. Just like that. Open the doors, come on inside.

Leather seats in the front as well. Heated. You’ve got heated front seats. You’ve got high and low for the heat. You got heated steering wheel. You can obviously connect the phones, easy enough. All it says is, “Would you like to pair a phone?” It’s just that simple, straightforward. One of the most simple system, straightforward systems you can find.

We put it in reverse. Huge screen, massive screen for your backup camera. Obviously, all the finer features, air conditioning, Cruise Control. You’ve got the hands-free for the phone as well. The climate control is auto so you can just set it and forget it.

They’re fantastic vehicles. All-wheel drive. I love the color on the outside. Price to go, as always. There’s always great incentives going on right now.
Come on down to see us here. We’re open till 7 to serve you better. You can get a hold of me at 403-894-5757, or you can talk to Randall. The dealership number is 403-223-3434.

We’re here from 8 in the morning till 7 at night to take care of you, anytime you need. We can set appointments all the time. Come on down, take this one for a drive. We will definitely get it in your price range, ready to go.

See you later. Have a great day.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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