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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited | Taber, AB

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This is Randall down here at Legacy Dodge Taber Here to show off the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. This one is a 75th-anniversary edition, so you get this nice bronze finish with the 7 pillar grille.To let you know and everybody else know, that the Jeep was the first vehicle in all 7 continents.

We’ve got the 3.6 liter V6 VVT engine. Ward’s 10 best 3 years in a row. This one is powered by a 9-speed automatic transmission. With this one, because of the 75th Anniversary Edition, you get the high discharge bi-xenon headlights; so it’s brighter so you could see better at night. It’s also got auto-leveling for your headlights so when you’re going up the hill, down the hill, you can still see where you’re going That also has auto high beam, so you don’t have to worry about moving back and forth as you go up and down the highway.

As you can see, we also have that same beautiful bronze finish on your rims, 20-inch rims on those sharp looking tires. On the inside, we’ve got the linen and indigo seats, really bringing a nice colour to the inside of the vehicle. If you are travelling with two people on the back, you’ve got your cup holders. The two outside seats are also heated, and your passengers get their own vent, so it’s not going to be too chilly. Your kid is a phone zombie; you’ve also got USB outlets in the back seat. This thing keeps their phone charged instead of bugging you. If you go around in the back, you can see that we’ve got the ParkSense system here which enables you to tell if there is an object behind you, even if it darts out.

We’ve also got your class 2 hitch receiver with your 4- and 7- pin wiring. We’ve got your grocery bag handles, so your milk doesn’t squish your bread. Full-sized spare tire and your recharging flashlight. Tucked to the end back there so when the wife sends you out, look for something in the middle of the night you’re not going to spend forever trying to find it, which is nice, especially with the weather we’ve been having.

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Come in the inside; I’ll show you what’s going on in here. So, as you can see, this has been treated with a beautiful amount of leather. We’ve got panoramic sunroof that really let’s in the big sky when you want it and the cover does close when you’d rather not have the sun in your eyes from the back. So, this comes with the 8.4 UConnect, the highest rated infotainment system in the industry. So, we’ve got your radio, media from other outlets, your controllers for your heated ventilated seats and heated steering wheel. So, if your hands are like mine, they get a little cold in the winter, not gonna give you a problem. You can also manually turn on your back-up camera when you want to. All of your apps and features are available on one page, with drag and drop functionality which means that if you have something on there you don’t like, you can just change it around. Your climate control’s right here. You’ve got phone navigation and hands-free access to your phone which is available right through your steering column. As you can see, we’ve got a nice, big digital read-out on display. It shows you your speed, and then all kinds of good information. This vehicle is equipped with start and stop.

So, when you stop for a period of time, it will actually shut down the engine without burning extra fuel. We also have some fantastic 4-wheel drive settings for you in this Jeep.If you want to come down and take a test drive, just call me or call my friend Aaron here and we will get you your test drive today. Have a great day!

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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