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2017 Jeep Renegade | Trailhawk Edition | Taber, AB

Hey everybody, I’m Kirk. We’re here at Legacy Dodge Taber. This is a 2017 Renegade Trailhawk Edition. I didn’t want to wash it right away because it would just all freeze up, so it’s a little dirty. It’s really cold outside today. If we go under the hood, we have a 2.4L Multi-Air Tigershark. Gets you all the power and fuel economy you need. Everything’s nicely laid out there.

Come around this end, you can see I don’t have to take my key out of the pocket to get in, or out. You can shut it. Can I open it? I really can, seems like, here we go. I really could, just needed to give it a second. If you want to look inside, all that nice red trim. Beautifully laid out. This is a loaded up unit.

Come around the back, let’s look at that, if we do this. We’ll do this. Can you see? Nice big seat there. Will fold all the way down. Nice and flat, for extra storage space. You can see. Yes, it looks good there. Just like that. Moving back into here, and up we go. This package here is to hold your MySkyview roof. Those two black panels will pop right out. If you put them in there, you have a nice open roof.

Backup camera. Tow hook, nicely marked in red there for you. Can you see, TrailHawk edition. Up inside, this truck has got a few of the interior features.  Hello! Here you can see, it’s got the voice recognition. Phone, here as well, will start her up. Key’s still in my pocket, up she starts. It’s going to beep at me because I don’t have my seatbelt on for a minute. XM radio. Heated seats. Heated steering wheel. 4-wheel drive controls, you have the set. 4-wheel lock, you can choose your terrain as well. You got your USB, and auxiliary. Plus the 12 volt here. And electronic Park Brake. It’s nicely laid out. I love the look of it, that red accent inside. Just a good looking, sharp little unit. And we will clean it before you take it home.

Thank you for listening to my video today. I’m Kirk. You can come down and see me in my Touk, or any of our other fantastic salesmen. We will treat you up.  Have a great day!

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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