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2017 Ram 1500 Sport Ignition Orange | Legacy Dodge Taber | Taber, AB

Hey guys it’s Randal down here at Legacy Dodge Taber, right here to show off our 2017 Ram Sport Ignition Orange. This beautiful truck is equipped with a 5.7L Hemi. As you can see down here, we’ve got all these beautiful engine papered in nicely. You can see that Ram active there. We’ve got your fuses all in one spot. No more sticking your knees out in the muck. Because we all know if a fuse goes it happens when it’s crappy outside. So it has as you can as well we’ve got the beautiful black striping on the sports performance hood. We’ve got the bright grill insert with that beautiful black Hemi badge. We’ve got our HID headlights on on there. 20 inch black rims, character black badging, just makes this truck stand out. Who doesn’t want a standout truck? I know I do. Look on the inside. They’ve done a fantastic job of including the orange theme on the inside with some custom stitching, all the way through the truck to really bring it together.

Even over here on your door panel. If you look in the back we’ve got our enforced storage with easily removable compartments. so if you wanna keep some cool beverages in there, it’s a great place to do it and you won’t have to worry about the mess afterwards. You’ve got under seat storage in the rear as well. As well as our fold flat flooring which goes across the entire back so you can have a nice level surface so if you wanna bring the pooch with you on the ride you won’t have to worry about him getting his paws all over this nice leather seating. And if you only bring in a couple of people with you You also get your arm rest in the middle with two cup holders. Come along to the back and you can see that you got the spray in bedliner along with the LED lighting in the tailbox. So if you have to go looking for something at night you’re not gonna be lost or trying to figure out where it is and asking everybody for a flashlight. We’ve got a rear view camera so you can better what you’re gonna run over. We’ve got the 4 pin and 7 pin wiring with the Class 4 heat receiver. The dual bright exhaust. You don’t have to worry about you know rock chips along the body any of the bad stuff that you don’t wanna deal with. Why don’t you go ahead and jump inside and I’ll show you some of the interior features.

Alright. So, one touch of a button starts your vehicle no problems no hassle. We’ve got the power sunroof, We’ve got the 8.4 inch view connecting here complete with Nav. Easiest, friendliest system that you can find in an automobile today highest rated out there. We’ve got the media center all right here/ Nice and convenient to tuck away. We’ve got a nice big storage space. One of the best innovations that they brought to the game in the last while is they’ve included the cellphone holder. It’s big enough for a tablet. It’s got space to get your charging cords through there. That’s sturdy enough that your phone not gonna be shaking all over the place even if you hit washboard at high speed. We’ve got power outlets a lot in here, We’ve got the comprehensive driver information display which will tell you everything you could wanna know about your vehicle. Tire pressure, transmission temperature the whole night you are covered with this truck. If you like to work your truck, you’ll know exactly how hard it is working.

You really don’t wanna miss the events that we’ve got going on right now. We’ve got 0% financing, yeah 0% Nobody likes to pay the bank, neither do we. Let’s get in and get your great truck without having to pay the bank for the privilege. And the programs aren’t gonna last forever. You don’t wanna miss your opportunity. Come down to the Legacy Dodge in Taber. You can reach us at 403-223-3434 to book your test drive. If you have any questions, you can text me on my phone or call me at 403 929 5499. and if you don’t wanna deal with me and my funky hair, you can talk to one of my other fabulous sales associates and they’ll be more than happy to help you out, have a great day.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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