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Thank you for your business, Jake!

Jake came in on the behest of his employer Willis, in Ontario who was looking for a work truck for Jake, his plant manager to drive. After looking on Kijiji, Willis had given Sales Associate, Eric Walker a call at our office here in Taber inquiring about a truck we had on the lot.

Upon Jake’s arrival and qualifying him on what the truck needed to do, it was clear that the truck that Willis had sent Jake into look at would not be able to do the job.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have exactly what they needed immediately available. But, we ended up getting a truck from Claresholm which was fit for duty! Next, we secured the vehicle at a price that his employer Willis was happy with and made the deal.

Jake really liked the truck because when he arrived the truck was clean, well maintained, had running boards, enough cab space, great interior features and he loved the colour. Jake is very satisfied with our customer service and will hopefully be back in late spring to find himself a personal truck to pull his camping trailer. Thank you for your business, Willis and Jake.



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