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MSRP Deals | Multiple Vehicles and Percentages | Legacy Dodge Taber

Hi everybody. This is Kirk down here at Legacy Dodge Taber.

I just wanted to talk to you about what just came over that email. We’ve got some fantastic opportunities here with MSRP discounts. Let’s just go through the list.

30% off, 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. I’ve got one left. 25% off, 2016 Ram 1500, we got eight left. They’re all beautiful loaded Laramies. We got 20% off, the Dodge 2016, Dodge Journey models, two left. The 2016 Jeep Patriot models, three left. I got one Jeep Compass, also 20% off. I got one regular Cab RAM, and it’s a Sport. Beautiful. 20% off.

We got 15% off, I got two Chrysler 200s left, 15% off. We got one Charger left, 15% off. I got one Dart left, 15% off. I got one Durango left, 15% off. I got one Jeep Renegade left, 15% off, and I’ve got 12 Jeep Cherokees left, 15% off.

So lots of selection there. Come on down, see us at Legacy. We’re open until 7 to serve you better. The number is 403-223-3434. You can talk to me, or you can talk to Randall. Either one will help you out. Huge discounts right now, and it’s on 2016 models.

Like I said, we’ve got a few left, ready for them to go. We’ll see you soon, okay?

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber




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