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Thank you for your business, Vern and Eleanor!

In February, Sales Associate Eric Walker called Vern to see if he would be interested in trading in his 2015 Jeep Cherokee North Edition for something newer and with more warranty.

After meeting a few times and discussing options we decided that the best direction for Vern was to factory order a brand new 2019 Jeep Cherokee North Edition. After custom ordering his brand new Jeep, Vern and Eleanor designed a beautiful Jeep with a gorgeous blue exterior and a stunning light interior for contrast.

Vern and Eleanor had chosen to upgrade because he was ready for a colour change and was ready to get something that was going to save him more fuel. He also really liked that the headlights were bigger on the newly redesigned Cherokee.

Vern says that our service was fast easy and pleasant. Thank you for your continued support!

Sales Associate: Eric Walker



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