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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan | For Sale | Taber, AB

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Eric Walker here in Legacy Dodge Taber. I’m really excited to show you. This brand-new 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Come over and take a look under the hood with me. You’ll see that we’re rocking the legendary 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine. This engine is mounted on a three chip mount pin. So, God forbid, if you are ever in a collision, the engine is going to shift itself, roll underneath the vehicle and not end up in your lap. Got a fire retardant blanket up here, so God forbid, if you are in that collision and the fire starts, these clips here will melt off, drop down and smother the fire, keeping you and your family safe. In addition to safety, Dodge saw fit to put the windshield wash fluid over on this side so if you need to stop in the middle of the highway and refill your windshield washer fluid; you’re not standing in oncoming in traffic.

Come on over here with me. I’ll show you the insides of this car. So, you got the premium cloth bucket seats 8-way adjustable. You also got touchscreen Bluetooth capabilities, SiriusXM radio, but more on that later. Climb in the back here; you’ll see that we have one of those seats, is already folded down, just to show you how much space the Stow N Go seating capacity does happen. Another look here, when you are not utilizing the Stow ‘n Go, tons of storage space, you couldn’t ask for more, whether you’re storing snacks, drinks or even, a first-aid kit for your loved ones. It’s all right there. You also notice the back here. We have the charger, the ports all for gaming systems, whatever is compatible with your rear entertainment system, located up here. Now if you’re, like me, got a couple of kids that like to fight in the vehicle on those long trips. He took my toy he hit my bear. We’ve all been there. It’s going to help keep your kids quiet for those long trips to Grandma’s house. Come on the back over here with me. You got nice, deep storage Stow ‘n Go in the back here you have grocery clips all on the back and over top. And it gets even sweeter. When you are out watching the kids’ baseball games, and you want to take a look but don’t want to sit on the grass, you just fold this back, sit down, relax and enjoy.

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So, you want to hop on this vehicle here. I’m going to show you some of the features on the inside. So, our V6 engine, I’m going to start it up here. It’s smooth, quiet and efficient, delivering the power you need. For the dads out there that don’t want to drive a minivan and more or less, wanna drive something with a bit of power. You’ll notice here that you got all your audio options except for your radio. Your media one touch of a button, it will show up on the radio. All your many options. It can even show you display settings, screens off, picture views. You can even store your files on here for the music, personal pictures which you can display in your rear entertainment system or manage your hard drive entirely from this screen. Auxiliary port. You’ve got lots of power options to power everything you need in your life. Additional USB charge port for when you want to keep your device out of your reach or keep it charged. And more storage options down here. Keep everything nice and organized because we all know families need lots of space. Down here, you’ll also notice you got rubber mats. Cleaning is easy and fast.

I hope you enjoyed this video. My name is Eric Walker. Come down, take a look at this stunning new vehicle at Legacy Dodge Taber my associates and I will be more than happy to assist you and I look forward to seeing you here.



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