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Until January 16th 20% Off MSRP | 2016 Jeep Cherokee North | Taber, AB

Legacy Dodge Taber. Here to bring you another amazing deal. We’ve got a 2016 Jeep Cherokee North. Right now, we’ve got 20% off MSRP. That means, this vehicle was listed at $39,005. And right now, until January 16th. You get this amazing vehicle for $31,204. You know why? Because we want your business.  

How about I show you a little bit about the 2016 Jeep Cherokee. This one is equipped with our well-known V6 Pentastar engine. We’ve also got your tire fuse panel right here, so no more sticking your feet out in the mud when you have a fuse go later down the road. For your convenience, all of the fluid levels you need to maintain have the bright yellow caps to make it easier and less stressful for you. One of the great safety features we’ve put in the Jeep is we have this safety blanket here. It helps reduce road noise and also helps repress fires if there’s ever, God forbid, a fire underneath your hood. These plastic mounting clips will melt, and it will drop down and smother that fire, to help keep you and your family safe.

Right, come around on the side with me. See, as you can see, we have the premium cloth bucket seats, power options, 12-way adjustable. So you have your lumbar support, the whole nine. You can become comfortable no matter where the Jeep takes you.

If you look on the back, you’re gonna see one of the best and most flexible interiors you’ve ever seen. One pull of a handle, you’ve got fold-flat storage space. You got your armrest with cup holders; there are vents to keep your passengers in the rear just as warm as you are up front. And you’ve got a 115-volt outlet power whatever you need in your life.


As you can see here, we have the back-up camera and the power lift gate to make your life convenient. We’ve got all kinds of storage space back here. It’s set up in a very efficient manner. The bins even come out. We’ve got this compartmentalized to keep your life organized. And under this, we’ve got your spare tire as well as laminated instructions, so the time you have to do it in the mud, you’re not going to wreck your instructions. You’ve got your grocery clip handles right there, so your milk doesn’t tip over on your bread, cos you know, who wants a flat sandwich? And we’ve got your amplified Subwoofer right there.. One touch of the button brings your lift gate back down.

Why don’t you come around and hop on the inside so I could show off more of this gorgeous vehicle? Alright, once you step on in and I’ll start this up. Smooth, quiet and efficient is the name of the game. Start in with that. Now with Jeep Selec-Terrain which is standard and auto-mode, which gives you the functionality of high-fuel efficiency but with the traction when you need it. Dealing with something a little heavier like we’ve been getting lately, we’ve got Snow mode, Sport mode and Sand/Mud mode. All designed to give you the most utility out of this Sport Utility. We’ve got convenient storage options for everything that you need.

This vehicle is ready to go home with you today. You do not want to miss out on this smokin’ deal. We’ve never seen incentives like this before, and they’re only on until the 16th. Don’t miss your chance to call or come down today. You can ask for Randall, or you can talk to one of my associates if you don’t like my long, hippie hair. Have a great day!

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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