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2016 Jeep Cherokee North | Taber, AB

Hi, my name is Erik Walker and for as little as thirteen dollars a day you can own this beautiful 2016 Jeep Cherokee North Edition. As you can see here you have the LED daytime running headlights, the beautiful chrome finishes on the red stunning body which is contoured to offer you one of the quietest rides on the market today.

If you look under the hood here with me you will see this is currently operating with a 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine which has won many awards during its time. If you look over here you can also see that each of these vehicles is mounted on to a third SharePoint mount pin. So in the event of a collision your family is going to be safe when that pin ensures itself and rolls itself underneath the vehicle. You have the fire blanket right up here in the event of an engine fire these clips here will melt off and smother the fire.

If you come around to the side here you will also notice the contoured lines all the way down the body are sleek and they do offer the purpose of redirecting those aerodynamics and over to the side and inside the vehicle here you will see that we have the leather wrapped steering wheel the premium cloth seats as well as Auto Select train from sand mud snow sport and of course automatic features. In the back here you have tons of space for the family a 60/40 rear folding seat offering you as much space as you could possibly hope for in a vehicle of this size and class. You’ll also notice that you have the rails already installed for you so all this vehicle is really missing is the racks going across.

Don’t let another moment with vehicles such as this go on our lot wondering when it’s their turn to be loved. Call us here at Legacy Dodge Taber (403)223-3434. Ask for Eric Walker and if I’m not available another one of my wonderful associates will help you get into one of these cars. Again it’s only thirteen dollars a day I hope to see you down here and I hope to hear from you soon, don’t wait another moment to call us now to book your test drive. Thank you and have a great day.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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