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MSRP Deals | On Until March 31st | Taber, AB

Hey guys it’s Randal down here at Legacy Dodge Taber and I have some fantastic news. The weather is warming up and the deals are getting even hotter. We have massive MSRP discounts we’ve got up to 30% off depending on model of our 2016’s left in stock and we need them off our lot right now. We have brand-new 2017s rolling in and they are also wonderful incentivised. We have beautiful Cummins diesels that have no charge diesel engines, we have Rams with loyalty customer loyalty rebates, we have offers for no matter what kind of vehicle you need.

You cannot go wrong buying right now I don’t want you guys to miss out on these fantastic deals and that means that our Chrysler 200s, our Jeep Cherokees, our Jeep Renegades our Dodge Journeys and our Dodge Grand Caravans in the 2016 model year are MSRP discounted. Now we have a whole bunch of exciting new inventory they’ve just rolled off the truck that I can’t wait to show you like look at this beautiful copper edition do you want to see that truck later on? Let me know. You can give me a call to book your test drive on any one of our beautiful vehicles today.

You can call me at (403)929-5499 or you can reach one of my fantastic sales associates in the dealership here at (403) 223-3434. Have yourselves a great day Tabor and enjoy this beautiful sunny weather we’ve been getting.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber



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