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Thank you for your business, Vern and Eleanor!

In February, Sales Associate Eric Walker called Vern to see if he would be interested in trading in his 2015 Jeep Cherokee North Edition for something newer and with more warranty.

After meeting a few times and discussing options we decided that the best direction for Vern was to factory order a brand new 2019 Jeep Cherokee North Edition. After custom ordering his brand new Jeep, Vern and Eleanor designed a beautiful Jeep with a gorgeous blue exterior and a stunning light interior for contrast.

Vern and Eleanor had chosen to upgrade because he was ready for a colour change and was ready to get something that was going to save him more fuel. He also really liked that the headlights were bigger on the newly redesigned Cherokee.

Vern says that our service was fast easy and pleasant. Thank you for your continued support!

Sales Associate: Eric Walker


Thank you for your business, John!

Hailing from Bow Island, John says that Sales Associate, Eric Walker served him the best oolong tea he had ever had! So, Eric included a box for him to take home when he took possession of the truck.

John was bored one day and decided to go looking online for a new truck. After spending a great deal of his time online, John narrowed his search down to a Ram, as it’s his favourite type of truck. John eventually came in to see what some of the trucks we had advertised on Kijiji looked like in person. He was very impressed with this one as it had the Hemi engine, 4×4 capability, very good looking, well maintained and low kilometres.

John says he is very impressed with his experience at Legacy Dodge Taber and expressed that all our little additional services made all the difference.

Sales Associate, Eric Walker


Thank you for your business, Benny!

Benny came in with his mom to look at financing his very first vehicle. He had been shopping around for a while, tired of driving vehicles that were older than he was. After discussing his needs we test drove a 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab with under 45,000 km. Benny was thrilled, both he and his Mom agreed that after looking for some time that we had the nicest truck for the best price in a very low km truck. Benny had stated that he was thrilled with the customer service he received from Sales Associate, Eric Walker and would happily send in friends and family to us here at Legacy Dodge Taber as we were the best dealership he had been to.


Thank you for your business, Brady!

Brady is an avid car enthusiast for performance-based vehicles. Our Sales Associate, Eric Walker and Brady are good buddies so when Brady decided to trade in his Hyundai Genesis, we hooked him up with this Octane Red 2018 Dodge Charger.

We got Brady a great deal on a vehicle he wanted with all-wheel drive and a better cost of ownership than he anticipated. Bradys says, “you did a great job and we went over and above anything I ever expected…I’d happily recommend friends and family to come in for their next vehicle purchase.”

Congratulations to Brady on getting a car you love with no complaints! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business!


Thank you for your business, Jake!

Jake came in on the behest of his employer Willis, in Ontario who was looking for a work truck for Jake, his plant manager to drive. After looking on Kijiji, Willis had given Sales Associate, Eric Walker a call at our office here in Taber inquiring about a truck we had on the lot.

Upon Jake’s arrival and qualifying him on what the truck needed to do, it was clear that the truck that Willis had sent Jake into look at would not be able to do the job.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have exactly what they needed immediately available. But, we ended up getting a truck from Claresholm which was fit for duty! Next, we secured the vehicle at a price that his employer Willis was happy with and made the deal.

Jake really liked the truck because when he arrived the truck was clean, well maintained, had running boards, enough cab space, great interior features and he loved the colour. Jake is very satisfied with our customer service and will hopefully be back in late spring to find himself a personal truck to pull his camping trailer. Thank you for your business, Willis and Jake.


Thank you for your business, Josh!

Josh came in to trade in his 2015 Ford XTR in for a brand new 2018 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab. Josh traded in because he needed something bigger for his kids as the Ford was only a super cab and needed more space for his growing family. Josh was absolutely astounded not just by the increased size of the Ram Crew Cab but also the amount of storage inside. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and congratulations on your new truck, Josh!

Sales Associate, Eric Walker.


Thank you for your business, Amanda!

Amanda came in at the end of February to have our Service Department look at her 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. She had been having problems with it since she purchased it privately for $2,000. Upon a closer look our Service Manager, Dave had discovered that the vehicle had been literally held together by super glue in certain places that were key to Amanda’s safety and that of her children. She sat down with Sales Associate, Eric Walker to learn more about her financing options. We were able to get her into a 2013 Dodge Journey Limited that came with features that both she and her children would enjoy.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and congratulations, Amanda!

Sales Associate, Eric Walker.


Thank you for your business, Jodette!

Congratulations are in order for Jodette as she is taking home this gently used GMC Sierra Z71. When she saw the ad for it online, she loved the colour and that it came fully loaded. Now she’s taking it home to Lethbridge. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business, Jodette.

Sales Associate, Randal Jones.


Thank you for your business, Henry and Adele !

Henry and his wife Adele came to Legacy Dodge Taber to look at getting him a new truck. Henry was in need of upgrading to a crew cab from a quad cab. After looking over a 2015 Ram Sport, Henry was instantly in love. Henry brought his wife Adele in the next day to look at his find. They had been to multiple dealerships, looked at multiple trucks and had seen multiple offers to purchase.

Halfway through our test drive, Henry shouted SOLD! Adele likewise was very happy with Henry’s selection on our lot but wanted to see the cost of ownership. After we got back, Sales Associate Eric Walker sat down with them to review the numbers.

Adele’s Jaw dropped! Not only had we beaten every competitor on trade value, we also had the lowest payments. Henry had no hesitations of signing the agreement on the spot. Henry had remarked that the truck we had shown him was perfect! It had all the options he had wanted including airbags, lift and most importantly a crew cab.

They got great financing from Kevin including a lower interest rate. Henry and Adele say Eric is “the best sales representative we’ve ever had…the experience was great… we would have no problem recommending their friends and family.”


Thank you for your business, Justin!

Justin, a local from Taber, AB had issues with his previous vehicle and came in with his mother-in-law, Sheila, to look at getting himself a new car. We had shown him a Chrysler 200 Limited and he was instantly happy with his selection. He took it for a test drive, sat down with our Finance Manager, Kevin and got great financing. Justin had his registration and insurance faxed over and took possession of the vehicle the very same day. Justin, thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and we hope you enjoy your new car for many miles!

Sales Associate, Eric Walker