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Come to Legacy Dodge Taber for a test drive of this 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

This classic and gorgeous car will not last long and would make an incredible Christmas gift!

You can view this model on our website here.

Stock# T2732B

Call Randal at 403-223-3434 or visit the dealership at 5206 46 Avenue in Taber, Alberta.

If you purchase this model or any new or used model with us you have a choice between a 55″ 4K TV or a 32GB iPad during our December Gift Giveaway.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Taber


The 2015 Dodge Dart Aero is on sale now! Marked down to $22,311, savings of $2,399.

Randal is here at Legacy Dodge Taber to take you through this 2015 Dodge Dart Aero and the beautiful features it offers. It is a sporty, efficient, powerful, and economical compact sedan that’s full of surprises. [continue reading…]


The 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie is a top pick in the full-size truck segment. No full-size pickup drives more of a car like ride than the 2014 Ram 1500. Instead of outdated leaf springs for the rear suspension, the Ram 1500 has a multi-link layout with coil springs, which benefits the ride comfort and handling capabilities. [continue reading…]


2015 Chrysler Town & Country Touring | Taber, AB

Good afternoon, Taber. I’m Kirk, we’re down here at Legacy Dodge Taber. We’re in a pre-owned lot. This is a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country Touring. It is beautifully equipped. It was priced at $26,855. It is now down to $24,008 so you’re saving over $2,000 and you can take it home on OAC, 72 months. That’s a bi-weekly payment of 188 bucks every 2 weeks. Alright, so that can be yours. It has a Power sliding door on both sides, you can go all the way through and underneath, you can see it has 2 DVD players and a Blu-ray player in there as well. Plus, the Power liftgate. [continue reading…]


2014 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab | Taber, AB

Hey guys, this is Randal down here at Legacy Dodge Taber here to show off our beautiful 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie. This is another beautiful truck we’ve got in our Used Inventory Blowout. We had this truck listed for $40,998. We’ve now got it for $37,995. That’s over $3,000 in savings for you. And that amazing price means that you can finance this beautiful truck for as low as $286 bi-weekly on a 72 month term on approved credit. And like, who doesn’t want an affordable truck? Why don’t you come and take a look at it with me? We’ve got some fantastic features on this beautiful machine. We’ve got our 20-inch Chrome Wheels. We’ve got our bright Trailer Tow Mirrors, so whether you’re hauling a long trailer, or just getting around town, the truck’s equipped to do it efficiently for you. [continue reading…]


Hey, guys, it’s Randal down here at Legacy Dodge Taber. I’m here to talk about a fantastic sales event we’ve got going on right now. We are having a Used Inventory Blowout.  I’ve got beside me a 2014 Chrysler 300S. This beautiful car, we had marked at $36,995, now $28,995. We’re passing on $8,000 in savings directly to you guys.  We don’t want you to miss out right over here, look at under the hood. We have the beautiful 3.6-Liter VVT Pentastar engine; 3-time winner awards 10 Best Engines.

This thing is well-known for its versatility and reliability. It’s paired to the 9-Speed Automatic Transmission, which means you get the best of power and economy. And the whole thing is paired together with All Wheel Drive, so this car can take you wherever you need to go no matter the weather conditions. On the beautiful front end here, you can see how nice and clean everything is. We have the Park Sense System up front, so you know if anything is a little too close to your front bumper. We have the satin black wheels on this beautiful car. Coming along down to the side here, I’ll open up the back and show you the beautiful interior. We’ve got the leather seats with the white stitching that highlight the lines on the inside that bring contrast to everything. One pull right easy handle, your seats fold down. You can fold down the entire back row and expands your storage room to keep the car versatile with your needs. [continue reading…]


2013 Ram 1500 Sport | Legacy Dodge Taber

Hey everybody, it’s Randal down here at Legacy Dodge Taber. I’ve just taken in this beautiful 2013 RAM 1500 Sport in on trade. I wanted to give you guys the first look at it.

We’ve got a 5.7 Hemi in here. This truck has been absolutely beautifully equipped. We’ve got all the features we come to know and love out of our RAMs, including some of the newer stuff that you get a little more popular now, it’s already on this truck. [continue reading…]


2016 Dodge Durango | Citadel Trim | Taber, AB

Hey, everybody, this is Kirk here at Legacy Dodge Taber. I’m just gonna do a quick walk around of our 2016 Dodge Durango Citadel Edition. First is, I wanna show you under the hood real quick and how easy it is to pop. You got the gas strut so that you, it gets everything out of the way. We got the 5.7 liter V8, obviously a HEMI. Gotta love the HEMI. Everything is labeled in yellow that you wanna feel the access easily, no problems there. And down we go, easy peasy. [continue reading…]


2016 Dodge Grand Caravan | For Sale | Taber, AB

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Eric Walker here in Legacy Dodge Taber. I’m really excited to show you. This brand-new 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Come over and take a look under the hood with me. You’ll see that we’re rocking the legendary 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine. This engine is mounted on a three chip mount pin. So, God forbid, if you are ever in a collision, the engine is going to shift itself, roll underneath the vehicle and not end up in your lap. Got a fire retardant blanket up here, so God forbid, if you are in that collision and the fire starts, these clips here will melt off, drop down and smother the fire, keeping you and your family safe. In addition to safety, Dodge saw fit to put the windshield wash fluid over on this side so if you need to stop in the middle of the highway and refill your windshield washer fluid; you’re not standing in oncoming in traffic. [continue reading…]


2015 Chrysler Town & Country | Taber, AB

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Hi, people, it’s Randall down here at Legacy Dodge Taber. Here to show you one of our premium previously enjoyed units. This is 2015 Chrysler Town and Country, featuring a 3.6 liter VVT engine, Ward’s 10 Best 3 years in a row. It’s one of the most reliable engines we’ve got on the market. [continue reading…]